To Improve The Brand Effect Of Chinese Bucket Tooth

The development of hardware accessories industry makes the bucket teeth industry capacity growing, and it also has enhanced China’s hardware industry, and laid the foundation for the overall level of hardware industry and the international market share. However, in the development process of China’s bucket tooth products, ignoring the problem of the industrial structure, productivity and other aspects makes the industry into a stagnant dilemma.

The low-end bucket teeth can not support the future, and paying much attention to the design and technology innovation is an important way for the future industrial development. We should try our best to promote science and technology innovation construction of the products, build the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and accelerate the training speed of the platform. At the same time, building the industry leading enterprises, and setting up the influential national brand are also very important for making China bucket tooth industry bigger and stronger.


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Post time: Apr-12-2017
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