Three Molding Processes Of Bucket Teeth

The present production of bucket teeth mainly uses three molding processes, sand mold casting, investment casting and squeeze casting.

Molding material for sand casting is cheap and easy to get, so this kind of molding process is very easy and cheap. Investment casting can produce castings with high size accuracy, low surface roughness, and small machining allowance, but it needs setting high riser for feeding, thereby the process yield will be reduced. Squeeze casting process is to apply constant pressure to the metal liquid in the forming process of, making the liquid metal rapidly solidified. It can produce castings with well grain refinement, and because of the solidification under pressure, the compactness of bucket teeth products is higher. And it does not need to set the great riser to feeding, which can avoid the generation of shrinkage defect. Products always have good quality, high process yield rate and high production efficiency. At the same time as a new material forming technology, extrusion casting also has advantages of simple process, high material utilization efficiency, small machining allowance, no waste emissions and so on.


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Post time: Apr-12-2017
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