Fixing Method For Bucket Tooth And Bucket Lip After Assembly

In the whole process of using an electric excavator, maintaining long-term careful examination and being diligent in repair can always keep the bucket tooth closely matched with the bucket lip, so as to help the electric excavator shovel works and operates safely and efficiently.

Firstly, at the time of the installation of new electric excavator, accurate mapping size of outer assembly binding geometry parts of the inside bucket teeth and the bucket lip, and make out templates. Then after repeated testing and physical modification, finally draw the pattern out.

In the working process, use the bucket tooth model to test if the bucket tooth new parts assembly parts is qualified, with bucket lip model in the late using process of bucket to test the wear volume of the bucket lip. If the bucket lip has any wear or tear, use the intermittent time of maintenance and repair or replacement of bucket tooth equipment to bead weld on the wear parts of the surfacing, and polished it anastomose to the model, and then install the new bucket tooth.


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Post time: Apr-12-2017
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