Abrasion Of Bucket Tooth Influences Cutting Force

According to the degree of abrasion of bucket teeth, we divided the bucket tooth into 3 levels. Level zero wear, i.e. the new bucket tooth without abrasion; the intermediate, namely the bucket tooth whose radial abrasion length is 6mm or so and the average abrasion surface is about 22mm; the heavy wear, namely the bucket tooth whose radial abrasion is more than or equal to 15mm and the average length of the wear surface is more than or equal to about 30mm.

The experiment proved that abrasion has the following effects of cutting force of bucket tooth. First, the cutting force increased, especially heavy wear, line cutting force is 6 times larger than that before the wear. Second, the normal force increased with the bucket tooth becoming dull due to the abrasion. The normal force of the intermediate wear increases about 3 times, while that of the heavy wear increased 8 times. Third, from a macro perspective, in the cutting process, with the intermediate or heavy wear the vibration of the machine itself is bad, and the digging resistance increases significantly. Obviously, it is extremely unreasonable of excavator working in such bad condition, and this will cause damage to the transmission parts, make the equipment power greatly overload, shorten the machine service life, and also reduce production capacity.


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Post time: Apr-12-2017
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